Type of Batik in Indonesia

Beloved Indonesia has many cultures that we can be proud in the international world. One of them we have a batik and is currently nominated in the Representative List of Cultural Heritage of Humanity UNESCO intangible (Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, UNESCO). Indonesian batik patterns and motifs themselves very much, there is a genuine motive of the ancestors of our nation and there is also an acculturation with other nations.


1. Batik Kraton

Batik Kraton beginnings of developing all kinds of batik in Indonesia. Motive meaning of life philosophy. Batik-batik is made by the princess palace and batik-batik experts who live in the palace. Basically the motive was forbidden to be used by those "ordinary" as the motive Parang Barong, Parang Rusak including Udan lyrical, and some other motive.


2. Batik Sudagaran

Motif ban from the palace to stimulate artists from the merchant to create a new motive to taste the merchant community. They also change the ban so that the motive is motive to use the general public. Sudagaran batik designs are generally impressed "brave" in the election form, stylization of natural objects or animals, or a combination of colors that dominated soga and dark blue color. Batik Sudagaran presents quality craftsmanship and complexity in the process of presenting the new decoration. Creator batik batik Sudagaran change with the isen-isen palace complex and filled with cecek (spots) so as to create a very beautiful batik.


3.Batik Petani (Farmers)

Batik is created as a distraction activities at home housewives at the time did not go into the fields or during leisure time. Usually this batik coarse and clumsy and not smooth. Hereditary motive according their respective regions and batik was not done professionally because it only as a sideline. For staining was included to the merchant.


4. Batik Belanda

Residents Dutch descent who are interested in a lot of Indonesian batik. They create their own motifs favored Europeans. Motive of European flowers, like tulips and motifs of fairy tales figures famous there.


5. Batik Chinese / Chinatown

Chinese Batik is acculturation among immigrants from China with the local culture of Indonesia. Characteristic of this batik varied and bright colors, in a single fabric featuring many colors. Motive contains many Chinese cultural elements such as the phoenix motif (peacock) and the dragon. Batik pattern is more complicated and subtle.


6. Javanese Batik Hokokai

During the Japanese occupation in the North coast of Java was born variety called batik batik Hokokai. The dominant motif is flowers like cherry blossoms and chrysanthemums. Almost all wear Hokokai Javanese batik background (isen-isen) is very detailed, such as machetes and kawung motif in the center and its banks are filled again, for example, rice flower motif.


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