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IdBlogWeb - Masih bertemakan magazin, menurut saya template ini tampil lebih "berani". Dilengkapi dengan dropdown menu navigasi dan fitur slide membuat template ini terlihat mewah.

Template ini adalah template berbayar, namun sebagaimana dikutip di situsnya kini template ini telah digratiskan dengan syarat.

Berikut kutipannya;
Sporty Magazine 2 Privacy Policy : First, do not change the credit link at the bottom of this template. delete or modify this template links, as well as premises did not appreciate my work. Second, this template for free, not for sale. for it is forbidden to sell this template to any company or business without my knowledge, and Third, after you see a live demo of this template, please leave your comment. this is important as an input for me to make a template that is much better in the future.

Deskripsi dan fitur:
Sporty Magazine 2 is blogger template with premium looks, professional design, menu navigation dropdwon, featured slidehow content, news ticker, twitter widget, 3 column main page, 5 column footer page, social bookmark on postpage, all image host on blogger, SEO ready, and time script on top.

Untuk demo, cara instalasi dan link downloadnya silahkan kunjungi websitenya disini


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